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 My Password isn't Working!
Solution First, make sure that your subsciption is still active. You can do this by checking your email reciept, or contacting CCbill directly at http://www.ccbill.com. If you are billed through Epoch you can look up your account information directly at https://epoch.com/billingsupport.

If you do have an active subsciption, and your password is still not working, several things might have gone wrong:

1.) You are using an incorrect username or password. Please check the spelling of your username and password. They are CaSe sensitive. If you are using an incorrect username or password, or you mistype the secret word more than 4 times, your username will be temporarily suspended. It will be reactivated in 4 hours.

2.) You have mistyped the secret password (the 5 letter word contained in the gray box) - and rather than reloading the page, you hit the back button. Please make sure you have a new word each time you log in, and type it carefully. Wait a moment, for your security check to process. You will then be automatically forwarded to the member section.

3.) Your username has been comprimised. If, for some reason, your username has been shared, our security software will shut down your account. You will need to contact us to reactivate.

4.) You are using an autodownloading program of some sort. These programs log into our servers over and over again, and are considered by our system to be a security threat. Please disable your program, and come back in 4 hours time... at which time your account should be reactivated. If it still doesn't work after 4 hours, contact us, and we will reactivate it.

5.) If you are a NEW member, and your password does not work - this could be a problem with CCbill or Epoch. Usually, your account will be immediately activated... but rarely, it takes CCbill a few minutes to write your username into our database. Give it a few minutes, and if it still doesn't work, contact us - or for even faster service, contact CCbill or Epoch directly.

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